Rental Application Process

Anyone 18 years or older must submit an application. In order to accurately process a multiple party application, please notify us of the names of all associated applicants (including married couples). Applications submitted without photo ID or payment will not be processed until payment is received.

In order to qualify, you will need the following:

If you have a pet, please make sure you have chosen a home or apartment that will allow a pet, and that your pet is of a qualified breed and size. Please also include a photo of your pet with your application.

Step 1: Turn in Application, proof of income & pay the application fee.

It should take approximately 15 minutes to Deposit Approve your application. (Landlord, criminal, income, etc. verification is required for full approval.)

Step 2: When your Application is Deposit Approved, please pay the security deposit and non- refundable fee (if applies). Please note that the property is not reserved until this deposit to hold has been received.

Step 3: If the home or apartment is "rent ready" – then the rent typically will need to start no later than one week. If the home or apartment is still occupied or is not rent ready, the rent will need to start no later than one week after it becomes "rent ready". Of course you may move in as soon as the home and your lease paperwork are ready and rent will start immediately.

Step 4: Make an appointment to review and sign the lease paperwork, pay the first month’s rent and other funds due, submit your utility account numbers, proof of renter’s insurance, photo ID and collect your keys. Happy Moving Day!

For a detailed description of the items needed to qualify your application, or for items that would disqualify your application, please see the back of this form.

To our current RWCPS residents: If your account is in good standing and you are thinking of transferring to another RWCPS property ask about our Transfer Policy. If you have questions, please ask we are glad to help you qualify!