Rental Application Requirements and Criteria

We use a point system to qualify applications and uses the criteria listed below for calculations. Additional deposits, if applicable, will be assessed according to the highest risk score of the party for applications run through the Onsite Manager Office.

Additional deposits, if applicable, will be assessed according to each individual’s score.

RWC Property Services will not accept a comprehensive reusable tenant screening report, obtained by applicant.

Rental Application and Application Fee

Each applicant of legal age must submit a rental application. There is a non-refundable application fee of $35.00 per applicant.

Photo I.D. and Social Security Card

A valid government issued photo I.D. and Social Security Card is required to verify applicant’s identity.

Credit History:

Rental History:

Income Guidelines:

Immediate Disqualifications:

While your score may be sufficient to be approved, you may also be required to pay additional security deposits, depending on your actual score. If your application exceeds the number of allowable points, we are sorry, but we will be unable to offer you residency at this time.

Additional Information.

Occupancy Standard.

For health and safety reasons, we have the following occupancy standards, we will not allow more people than maximum number of occupants living in the house or apartment.

Roommates: If one roommate qualifies, and one does not (too many points), the primary roommate (who completely qualifies) may lease the property with the non-qualifying roommate listed as a conditional roommate, and subject to a security deposit equal to one month’s rent, in addition to normal security deposits, with the stipulation that if the qualified roommate moved, the secondary roommate would have to re-qualify on their own, find another qualified roommate, or vacate the property. This does not apply to a roommate that has any of the Immediate Disqualifications.

Pets: If a property or apartment community accepts pets, the following may apply: **A pet reference is required to have a pet on the property.

Renter’s Insurance: Upon move in, and through the duration of tenancy, all tenants must provide proof of renter’s insurance, which includes a minimum of $100,000 legal liability for damage to the landlord’s property, with Owner/Agent named as additional insured. Tenant may purchase required insurance from an insurance agent of their choice.

The tenant screening may consist of, but not limited to the following: credit, criminal, eviction, public records, current and former landlord references, verification of income, other sources and screening reports obtained through an authorized reporting agency: You may request a free credit report within 60 days of adverse action/denial. You have the right to dispute any or all information. Your application will be processed as quickly as possible. We expect it to take approximately 15 minutes to be Deposit Approved, and approximately 24-48 hours to be Fully Approved; however, that is dependent on the receipt of the necessary information from those involved in the process, including you.